What??  You Offer FREE Credit Repair? 


So, You Help me with my Credit Score?

Not Just FICO Scores!  When most other “Credit Repair” companies charge you a monthly fee to “Repair your Credit” they only spend a little time each month disputing items on your credit report.  The more $$ you spend per month, the more time they work on your file.  

Instead of simply getting your FICO scores up, our Qualifying Team also works on fixing Debt Ratios, (and there are more than just one ratio)  Documentation, Entity Structure and Payroll, in addition to getting your scores up as soon as possible!  If you’re self employed, you are in good hands with our Qualifying Team.

Our goal is to get you into a bank loan ASAP so you can take advantage of those Low Interest Rates Fast!

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One of our Qualifying Team will be getting in touch with you once you have completed the application and together you will devise a set of steps you will take to get into a Bank Loan FAST!

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