How This Works

We sell houses on Private Bridge Contracts. 

There’s No Bank involved, so We Don’t Care about your Credit scores! 

In Fact, We provide FREE Credit Repair because…

Our Goal is for You to Qualify for a New Bank Loan As Soon As Possible!  


We have 2 types of Bridge Contracts and both are recorded at the County Recorder’s Office:

  1. Contract for Deed:

            This puts you in title, you are the owner, now, and you can get the interest deduction when you file your income tax return, making your tax refund larger so you pay less income  taxes every year.

            The property at 3811 N 21st Place is priced at $395,000 and can be purchased on a   Contract for Deed with:

  1.   5% down at 4.94% interest, monthly payments are paid thru a Title Company 
  2.   Principal and Interest  = $2,000.69/mo. (plus property taxes & hazard insurance)                                                                     Balance fully due in 30 months.  


  1. Rent-To-Own

            For our customers who prefer not to pay 5% for a down payment, our 2nd Bridge to Home Ownership is our Rent-To-Own Program.  You can pay a smaller down payment to move in, if you will pay extra each month with your rent in order to Build Up your Down Payment.  This way we can convert your Rent-To-Own  to a Contract for Deed as soon as possible!

            Both the Down Payment and the Extra Monthly you pay is YOUR Equity and comes directly off of the Purchase Price.  When you get your new bank loan, the loan amount needed will be less because of the Amount of Equity that you have accumulated each month. 

  1.   The price is still the same but we would like to see a Down Payment of $6K to $10K, but             we can be flexible and we are open to offers.  In the past we have even structured Payment Plans for the down payment!           
  2.   The rent is $1,995/mo. and $200 of that is applied to the purchase price as Equity and additional down payment (instead of just throwing away all your money on rent). 

                                                Balance fully due in 30 months.

Either way, you won’t get a notice saying “The house is being sold and you have to move” because  – This is Your House!    (as long as you make your payments.) 


Call for details and answers to any questions you may have.   602-428-7664   625 W Southern Avenue Suite E-127 Mesa, AZ 85210